Teacher of Sacred Dance, Choreographer, Writer

Gabriele holds a B. A. (Hon.) degree in Russian Language and Literature and a Ph. D. on Russian folktales (University of London).

Maria-Gabriele WosienBased on her studies of Eastern and Western sacred traditions, Gabriele has, in numerous choreographies, developed her own approach and thematic cycles with a special focus on the religious and ritual origins of European folk dances. The emphasis of her work is on the conscious experience of mythological images and symbols so as to experience their healing potential.

Gabriele bases her choreographies on traditional movement archetypes, for which she uses sacred, classical and folk music.

She has gained an international reputation through teacher training courses, talks and seminars, as well as through her publications in several languages.

In collaboration with her father, the ballet dancer and choreographer Bernhard Wosien (1908 -1986), she developed what came to be called Sacred Dance.

Bernhard Wosien and Gabriele, Sacred Dance Festival, Findhorn 1982.  © Findhorn
Bernhard Wosien and Gabriele, Sacred Dance Festival, Findhorn 1982

In 1976 Bernhard Wosien had introduced to Findhorn, the spiritual community in Scotland, his ‘Dance Meditation’ as well as traditional European folk dances. Like the people who live there he felt committed to the ideals of ‘One Earth’ and ‘One Humanity’. In the following years, in English speaking countries, their work came to be known as Sacred Dance, taken from the title of Gabriele's book by the same name: ‘Sacred Dance.Encounter with the Gods’ , published in 1974 in London and New York.

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