All forms and images, created by sacred art – whether carved in stone, moulded from clay, painted, or worked into a large surface from tiny pieces of mosaic – are the expression of a specific, time-bound perception of the divine. They are aimed at introducing us to the symbolic dimension of the spirit.

'Eu danso', drawing by Fernando Berni, S.P. Brasil (age 9), adaptation (collage)

A heart for the dance

Whenever, while dancing – in an experience of stillness in motion – we connect with these images in movement, a particular religious archetype is activated in our memory. Outer, profane time is then transformed into inner space that transcends the limitations of form: it is the beginning of prayer in movement, of Sacred Dance.

Sacred Dance is the expression of prayer through the language of the body. By experiencing the inner dimension of movement, isolation is overcome and body, mind and soul are reconnected.drawing by Bernhard Wosien ©

In Sacred Dance we turn to, and encircle a common centre, as the spatial projection of the creative source within.

Content and form, a chosen theme and its portrayal in the movements of traditional dances, together facilitate a conscious participation in the creative process of life.


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